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Baikal Trail Hostel in Severobaikalsk

For independent travelers who value the freedom to make their own schedule, the best option is to stay at the Baikal Trail Hostel, located in the center of Severobaikalsk, about a ten minute walk from the train station. Our friendly staff will welcome you to the hostel with a cup of tea and a detailed consultation about the various options for tourists at the North of Baikal. You can stay in the dormitory-style room. At the hostel, you will have free access to the kitchen, bathroom with hot shower, washing machine, and unlimited Internet use. If you plan to come to Severobaikalsk at first, you should plan to stay at least 3-4 days to get to know the area and its attractions.

To reserve a place at the hostel, send us an e-mail at baikalinfo@gmail.com.

Baikal Trail Hostel info:

Capacity: 5 people
Cost per night: 700 rubles
Address: Studencheskay street,
building 12, second entryway
(apartments 16-30),
first floor, apartment 16.
Cell phone:

+7 914 834 6802

+7 983 431 2789

Light breakfast: 100 rubles
Washing services: 200 rubles
Visa registration: 200-400 rubles
Excursions: from 1100 rubles per person
Banya: 250 rubles per person
Guide service: 1500-3000 roubles per day




How do I get to the hostel?

If you arrived in Severobaikalsk by train, you should go through the train station and then turn right and walk along the street 60 Years of the USSR past the city market, until you get to the intersection with Studencheskaya Street. Turn left and walk along Studencheskaya Street until you get to a typical 5-story Soviet building on your left with the address Studencheskaya Street 12. Go in through the second entryway, which has a sign that says "2 (16-30)". You'll see a sign in the window to the left of the entryway door that says "Walking Bear". The door has a security system, but sometimes it is left open - check to see. If the door doesn't open, dial  "16" on the keypad next to the door and wait for an answer. We will unlock the door for you, and wait for you on the first floor in apartment 16.

Address: Russia, Buryatia,
g. Severobaikalsk, 671700
ul. Studencheskaya, dom 12, kv. 16
Phones: +7 924 779 2805
+7 924 391 4514
+7 (30130) 23860
E-mail: baikalinfo@gmail.com